A Small Business Solution  

Small company leaders are overwhelmed with important tasks that keep them from performing the important strategic projects that will advance the business.  The tactical functions can likely be hired out, but small companies often don’t have the budgetary flexibility to hire a person with the right professional background and skill set needed to manage these things full-time.

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The gap between fulfilling tactical needs and the cost of hiring someone full-time can be filled by a “Fractional Vice President.”

At PremiumScapes Consulting our objective is simple, provide you with a trusted resource of capable leadership to give you the freedom to grow your business. 

 Our eight step process is focused on you.
  1. Discovery – Listen to you and understand your business.  .
  2. Problem(s) Identification – Understand and agree with you about the barriers within your business growth.
  3. Addressable Issues – Clarify what issues can and not be addressed. 
  4. Issue Prioritization – Work with you to create a system to decide what makes most sense to get done first.
  5. Identify Role – Customize a Fractional Vice President role specific to the most important needs of your organization.
  6. Improvement Value – Calculate the value the position will bring back into your company. 
  7. Budget – Build a fee structure based on what you can afford and the value you get back. 
  8. Decision/Agreement – Obtain final agreement and get to work.

    Herbert Severin | MBA, CGBP | Fractional Vice President

     Small Business Consulting

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