We assist business owners with marketing and technology based solution while developing and enhancing a company’s brand identity using graphic design, websites and social media.  




We attentively listen to the needs and goals of an organization and that is the key to developing a strategy to achieve results.  When we partner with small business owners, as a team, we put a plan in place to help optimize and grow their organization.

IMG_2032Active engagement with our clients during a project ensures expectations are being met. We have sought out and recruited the best developers, SEO specialists, graphic designers and technology experts for you. Our Team has a combined 40 years’ experience in small business development. We only make recommendations that will enhance your brand identity and online footprint. Simply put, not just sell you something but devise a strategy to increase your revenues.

Our goal is simple, to help you achieve yours and in doing so we become part of your success.


“Our marketing efforts are the life blood of our company and being able to reach out to PremiumScapes over the past three years has been a major part of our 61% growth in revenue from $750,000 per year to over $1,250,000”.      Robert Coleman / Owner


Owner / President

steve2Steve Suiter has 20 years’ experience in small business development, playing a key role in the growth of multiple successful small businesses. These include Information & Technology Solutions, online marketing / SEO companies, merchant services and in his early years commercial & residential lawncare & landscape companies.

While working in the technology field he gained valuable knowledge regarding the importance of technology and how it can be used as a tool to stream line and grow a business. As a project manager he orchestrated the development of several organizations websites, email, IT and VOIP communications infrastructure.


Owner (more info)

family-picSteve has enjoyed living with his family in McKinney Texas for almost 20 years. He and his wife Danielle are the proud parents of Madelyn 15, Lauralee and Logan 13 (twins) and Jenna who is 11.  Their 21 year old son Brent lives with a friend in McKinney as a proud member of the real world now.  Steve’s professional life used to consist of helping build other people’s companies. He always contemplated going out on his own due to the encouragement of several clients he worked with, co- workers along with the encouragement of his family.

The lessons he learned regarding what works and what doesn’t, experiencing ups and downs and reaping the rewards of helping build successful businesses gave him a foundation to become a successful entrepreneur.  In the summer of 2013 he fell off a ladder helping his father trim trees and had to have extensive surgery to repair a broken ankle and heal.  After a few months of recovery in deep thought and prayer the vision of PremiumScapes Consulting became a reality.



Our Responsibility & Commitment



Thoroughly look at all aspects of how a business obtains new clients and establish realistic goals for increasing market share.  Set realistic expectations based on current means and budget.


Our team goes to work on addressing issues that may be hindering new business growth while making recommendations that will enhance brand identity and increase revenues working within the means of the organization.


Put in place new marketing plans developed working closely with the organization to ensure smooth transitions take place.  Step back and begin analyzing results making adjustments and recommendations based on client response and competition.